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DHS/CNN/Wolf Blitzer in transparent attack on Tea Parties

From a Charleston CofCC member:

So I’m on my way to the Charleston Tea Party and I stop at Firehouse subs. They have CNN on and the Wolf Blitzer show is playing. They are talking about the latest Obamination attack on conservatives. The DHS report that says people who oppose illegal immigration and/or abortion are possible “right-wing extremist.”

They interview Mark Potok of the discredited fundraising hustle SPLC. His appearance is even worse than ever. You’d think an organization with $150 million in the bank that pays $300,000+ for salaries could afford a respectable looking spokesman. Potok looks like a rat that just crawled out of a sewer. I swear he looks worse every year.

They show screen shots of guys in Klu Klux Klan costumes to drive home their “right-wing extremist” propaganda. They read so-called letters from viewers, all of which espoused a radical left-wing viewpoint. They read one letter that claimed rural whites are banding together to blame their problems on everyone else.

Then after going on and on about this for several minutes, guess what came next. A story about the Tea Parties.

Well in reality the entire thing was about the Tea Party. The absurd DHS report was all about the Tea Parties. Obama’s cronies made this absurd report demonizing conservatives and timed the release to coincide with the Tea Parties. Then CNN/Wolf Blitzer went on the air and tried their best to create the illusion that the people coming to the Tea Parties are the “right-wing extremists” that the DHS is warning us about.

You have this circle of Marxism, SPLC/ADL – Obama Administration – Left-wing media, all working together to convince the public that normal healthy average conservative Americans are “right-wing extremists.” The cultural Marxists in the Obama campaign know full well that whatever trash they publish, the left-wing media is going to run with it. Heck the media elected Obama in the first place.

Once I got to the Tea Party, however, my spirits were immediately lifted. I had expected to see between 200-300 people. Instead there were well over 2,000. Possible as high as 2,500. Even the organizers were stunned by the turn out.

When I got there a few police officers were trying to keep one lane of traffic open in front of the rally site. As the crowd swelled, police had to give up and shut down the road. Crowds spilled up and down historic Meeting and Market Streets in Downtown Charleston.

There were about ten pukish looking leftists slithering around the ground with pouty frowny faces. They could not even find a place to stand to stage a counter-protest. They gave up and left after a short while.