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Does the SPLC think conservatives should not be allowed to hold a job? News Team

The militant left-wing fundraising hustle Southern Poverty Law Center publically proclaims “we are die hard free speech advocates.” Give me a break. The group is now agitating to get a mainstream conservative activist fired from his job in San Berdino, California.

Joe Turner is the founder of Save Our State, an organization that has held numerous patriotic demonstrations concerning border security in California. Recently Joe Turner was hired Tuesday by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to serve as a special projects coordinator. Turner’s responsibilities will include writing press releases and newspaper opinion pieces reflecting the views of Supervisor Neil Derry.

The SPLC is going ballistic in what can only be described as agitation to get Turner fired. They even published his salary.

The SPLC has recently denounced Young Americans for Freedom, The American Legion, Latin Mass Catholics, FAIR and many other mainstream patriotic conservative groups. They have also targeted Lou Dobbs for their venom numerous times over the past couple years. Anyone who is to the right of Ted Kennedy is an enemy. Of course their most favorite people to attack are the Council of Conservative Citizens!

Also Turner’s group had an unmoderated forum, in which some allegedly “racist” posts were made. Therefore the group Save Our State is a “hate group.”

Pictures of Save Our State Rallies are freely available on a number of websites. Below are actual pictures of the demonstrations. Notice all the “known white supremacists,” “neo nazi skinheads,” and “white power themed flags.”




The SPLC says that Joe Turner “failed to turn away” a whole assortment of boogy men from his demonstrations. They include “known white supremacists,” “neo-nazi skinheads,” and “white power themed flags.” As usual, the SPLC provides absolutely zero evidence to support any of these claims. Not a single name of a “known white supremacist,” nor a single photo.

Below is an actual picture of militant Chicano extremist counter-protesting Save Our State. This is who the SPLC supports!

Who is the “hate group”?