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Flint Michigan agonizes over blighted black neighborhoods. News Team

Several black neighborhoods in Flint, Michigan are so blighted that the city is talking about abandoning them.

Flint is 54% black, and like other majority black cities it is synonymous with abandoned houses and astronomical crime rates.

In the nearly all black north side, property taxes collected do not even cover the cost of basic services provided. The mayor suggest that people would be asked to leave the worst areas so services could be cut off.

Youngstown, Ohio, which is 44% black and over half non-white recently paid residents as much as $50,000 to move out of some of the worst black neighborhoods, so Youngstown could shut them down.

The obvious flaw in this idea is that the same people will just destroy whatever new areas that they move into. City planners use the term “safer neighborhood” as a political correct synonym for “whiter neighborhood.” But where will these neighborhoods be two years after the new arrivals come?

Today large swaths of 82% black Detroit and 98% black East St. Louis are abandoned by their cities and city blocks have been bulldozed. These cities are rapidly shrinking in size as anyone with an ounce of ambition has fled from the crime. It is as if entire city blocks have just been vaporized.