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John Demjanjuk released by Feds. News Team

Years ago John Demjanjuk was deported to Israel and stood trial for crimes against humanity during WWII. After a six year ordeal he was found not guilty and released. An Israeli court deemed that he was not the person his accusers thought he was.

The radical left-wing Simon Wiesenthal Center said they are undeterred. They are seeking to have Demjanjuk deported to Germany and tried a second time. The Demjanjuk case represents value fundraising opportunities for the Center.

John Demjanjuk was born in the Ukraine. He served in the Soviet Army from 1940-1942, before being captured and sent to a POW camp. Demjanjuk then volunteered for a POW work force. Then in 1945 he joined a German sponsored anti-Soviet militia made up of ex-Soviet POWs.

Demjanjuk was later accused of executing Jewish prisoners for the Nazi regime using diesel gas fumes to asphyxiate the victims. He was deported to Israel to face a trial in 1986. Israel’s highest court exonerated him in 1993.