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Left-wing defending Somali Pirates. News Team

The extreme left in the United States is already defending the Somali pirates as innocent victims. Just look at this nauseating column from the Huffington Post pull of outlandish fantasies.

Huffington Post.

According to radical social Marxist Allison Kilkenny, the pirates are just innocent victims of Western Imperialism. They are actually a “volunteer coast guard” simply defending their waters from illegal dumping and poaching of fish.

Now the Maersk ship was carrying US foreign aid, paid for by the taxpayers, to Obama’s fatherland of Kenya. The shipping was neither dumping anything or fishing. But the poor pirates, cruely sniped by the US Navy were just innocent victims.

In fact, we should be commending Somalians for showing restraint and not engaging in more piracy!

It has to be white peoples fault. It just has to be.