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Luxor hotel grovels to queer activist that ruined Miss USA pageant. News Team

The queer activist Perez Hilton, who used his position as a Miss USA judge to advocate for gay marriage, is now the subject of a controversy in Las Vegas.

During a live performance by magician Criss Angel at the Luxor just days ago, Angel singled out Perez Hilton in the audience and allegedly insulted him. Apparently, the queer activist runs a website that gossips about whoever the magician is currently dating.

The media is having a pity party for the freakish queer activist. The Los Angeles Times even published a column by Richard Abowitz praising Perez Hilton over the double controversies calling them “Perez Hilton’s Excellent Vegas Adventure.” Abowitz insults both Miss California Carrie Prejean and Criss Angel in the LA Times Column to show solidarity with the raging queer activist. No apalogy has been issued by the LA Times.

While Criss Angel so far refuses to apologize, the management of the Luxor did. The hotel issued a self-denigrating written apology and offered to refund the ticket price of anyone else at the show who was “offended.” The Luxor also vowed to reprimand Criss Angel.

It’s amazing that after ruining the Miss USA pageant, a freakish professional queer activist is still babied and coddled by the media.

Below Right: Miss California. Experts believe she would have won, but was sabotaged by freakish queer activist judge Perez Hilton for standing her ground against queer marriage.

Left: Criss “Angel” Sarantakos. Mud-slinging queer activist Perez Hilton pretends to be offended and entertainment company grovels.