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Media can't lie about Obama's approval rating forever. News Team

60% Say Government Has Too Much Power, Too Much Money – Rasmussen

Americans at total odds with the “political class.”
51% of Americans (83% of Republicans) viewed the Tea Parties Favorably – Rasmussen
81% of the American “Political Class” had an unfavorable view of the Tea Parties – Rasmussen

The media has been pretending that the American public is lockstep behind Obama. Now that hundred’s of thousands have publicly shown their disapproval at the Tea Parties, and Obama faces anger from anti-war Democrats, we are getting a clearer picture.

Obama’s approval-disapproval rate is now 55-45 according to Rasmussen. A far cry from the 65%+ approval the media has been trying to force feed the public. In fact, this is a huge drop

Rasmussen now says that only 37% of Americans strongly approve of Obama, while 31% percent strongly disaprove.

However, what is really shocking is that Rasmussen has released another poll saying that 60% of Americans think the government is too powerful and has too much money! Only 9% say the government has too little power.

Think about that. If Rasmussen is correct, and the staff of believes it is, that means that Obama and the US Congress are doing the exact polar opposite what the US public wants.