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More remains from Soviet Holocaust unearthed in Croatia. News Team

Slovenia & Croatia were the scene of hundreds of post-WWII mass executions in Europe. A Slovenian commission has identified 540 mass graves. The victims include members of the Croatian military as well as civilians designated as “class enemies.” Local communists backed the Soviet Union carried out the slaughter.

Croatia has been excavating one mass grave. 4,500 human remains have been excavated near Zagreb, Croatia since 2006.

Slovenia has currently worked out agreements with Italy and Germany for the transfer of remains believed to be executed German and Italian soldiers. The bulk of military-related victims are from the Croatian military. Slovenia and Croatia have not worked out an agreement yet.

The majority of victims in Slovenia are believed to be ethnic Croatians. Montenegrin Checniks were also targeted. Experts believe that many of the victims are also civilians who fled into Slovenia from Austria and Hungary to escape the Red Army.

The Red Army is believed to have mass executed anti-Soviet Cossack military forces in Slovenia as well.

The single largest mass grave in Slovenia is near Maribor. As the Red Army approached, the Croatian military dug a massive tank trench outside of Maribor. About 15,000 Croatian soldiers surrendered there and were executed and dumped in the tank ditch.

During WWII, the bulk of Slovene territory was control by Italy as one of several Italian “Protectorates.” Remaining ethnically diverse pieces of Slovenia were divided between Germany, Hungary, and Croatia. However warfare broke out in Italian controlled Slovenia between rival communist and anti-communist militias across Slovenia territory in 1942.