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New budget to include $54 Billion for foreign meddling. 41% Increase! News Team

A coalition of radical left-wing Democrats and big government neo-conservative Republicans sponsored an amendment to Obama’s new budget that will increase funding for foreign meddling. It passed the US Senate.

The new Obama budget passed by the senate includes $54 Billion to throw around in the name of “promoting regional stability.” This is a staggering 41% increase over last years funding.* The US has spent tens of Billions for decades to “promote stability” in the Middle East only to see a war every two years anyway. The increase guarantees Israel a minimum of $3 Billion in military funding per year, up from a guaranteed minimum of $2.55 Billion in previous years. It will increase aid to Pakistan to $1.5 Billion per year.

Israel was the largest recipient of military aid from 1976 until 2003, then Iraq took first place. Other major beneficiaries of this money include Egypt, Jordan, Columbia, and Haiti.

Some of the increased funding will be used to hire Foreign Service officers.

* Please note that this is minimum funding. Congress routinely appropriates more money for meddling on top of what is in the budget. This means that the $54 Billion will only the guaranteed minimum amount that will be spent.