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Obama endorses radical affirmative action. News Team

Affirmative action is text book fascism. In fact, race based affirmative hiring and admissions were practiced by Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and other Authoritarian regimes.

The Obama administration issued a statement officially endorsing the radical affirmative action policies of New Haven, CT. The policies are the subject of a current Supreme Court Case.

The local fire department promoted unqualified black firemen, putting the public in danger, so it could have black lieutenants and captains. Since 2003, the city required that fireman take a written test that among other things, demonstrated that they could read at the 10th grade level.

The city itself declared the written test to be “race neutral.” In fact, the city threw $100,000 down the toilet on a professional group of race hustlers to design the test specifically to help racial minorities perform well. The written test would account for 60% of the total grade while an oral test would account for 40%.

No blacks who took the test were ever among the top scorers, yet several were promoted anyway ahead of much better qualified people.

A total of 130 firefighters took the 2003 race neutral written test. 41 took the test to fill 7 vacant captain slots. Under the cities own rules, the seven spots would be filled using the top ten scores. 25 whites, 8 Hispanics, and 8 blacks took the test.

Zero blacks made the top ten. In fact, most of the eight blacks did extremely poor. Click here to see the actual test results! The top performing black came in 16th place. 61% of the people who took the test for Captain are white. Among the bottom ten, 80% are either black or Hispanic. Among the top ten, 80% are white.

77 took the exam for Lieutenant. 43 whites, 19 blacks, and 16 Hispanics. Under the cities own hiring rules, the top 11 should have been considered for 8 available spots. The top 13 were all white. Among the bottom 29, 20 were blacks and Hispanics. This means that while whites made up 56% of applicants, they made up 100% of the top 13, and only 31% of the bottom 29%.

19 whites and one Hispanic, who are among the past top scorers that were passed over for a black, sued the city. The official statement from the Obama administration defends the cities radical fascist hiring practice.

Apparently Obama believes that having the best people running a department entrusted with saving peoples lives is not important. What is important is that large numbers of unqualified blacks get promoted.