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Obama's brother barred from UK over alleged sex attack. News Team


Obama’s half brother could not even attend Obama’s inauguration because his fingerprints link him to a sexual attack on a 13 year old girl in the UK.

Barack Obama’s half-brother Samson Obama was denied entry into the UK last January. He planned to enter the UK and join other Obama relatives in flying to Washington DC for Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration.

However, Samson was denied entry into the UK for allegedly sexually attacking a 13 year old English girl on a previous visit to the UK!

Berkshire police say Samson was in the UK last November and approached a group of teenage girls. He attacked a 13 year old. The girls fled into a cafe and Samson chased them. The cafe owner called police and chased Samson away.

Samson was arrested but gave police a fake id. He told police he was an asylum seeker. Under Britain’s liberal criminal law Samson was allowed to go free while the investigation continued. Samson immediately fled to Nairobi. Berkshire police then matched his fingerprints to Obama’s half-brother.

Samson’s mother, Mum Kezia, lives in the UK close to where the attack took place. After learning Samson’s true identity he was barred from entering the UK.

Obama’s father had four wives, and fathered eight children. His first wife Mum Kezia was only 15 when he purchased her from her family for 14 cows. With this wife he fathered Abongo, Auma, Bernard, and Abo who goes by Samson.

Barack Obama Sr. then married Ann Dunham while still married to his first wife. Ann was the daughter of two hard-core Marxists and believed she was striking a blow against the establishment by having sex with non-white men. She gave birth to Barack. Obama Sr. then abandoned her and she filed for divorce. Immediately after the divorce she married an Indonesian man. Obama Sr. then married a second white leftist, Ruth Nidesand. She returned to Nairobi with Obama Sr. She had two kids with him, David and Mark, before leaving him and marrying another African man.

Obama Sr. went to work as a government official where he published numerous papers advocating “African Socialism.” He married another Kenyan woman and had another baby named George.

Obama Sr. lost his job and his legs after a drunk driving accident. A few years later he died in a second drunk driving accident.