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Second sex scandal hits Oprah's South African school. News Team

It is perhaps the nicest school in South Africa. It has it’s own beauty salon and yoga studio. But Oprah’s $40 million all girls boarding school can’t escape the fact that well, THIS IS AFRICA!

To protect the students from outside rapists, Oprah had to enact all sorts of security measures. In fact, part of the reason for the school being a boarding school is to protect the girls from rapists. Rape is extremely common throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Young girls are especially targeted, due to the widespread belief that sex with a virgin cures diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

However, a school matron was accused of molesting 15 girls shortly after the school opened.

Now, four students have been expelled and three others suspended. It turns out that the girls were bullying other girls into providing sexual favors.

A group of international doctors known as CIET recently interviewed 4,000 South African women. One out of three said they had been raped in the past year alone! A survey of 1,500 male school children showed that one out of four engaged in gang rapes. Read article from BBC.

Oprah herself is a victim of the Negro affinity for sexual violence. As a young girl Oprah was raised by her grandmother in Mississippi. At age six she was sent to her mother in Milwaukee. At age nine she was raped by her cousin. By the time she was 13 she had also been sexually molested by her uncle and her mother’s boyfriend. Then she went to Nashville to live with her father.