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Simon Wiesenthal Center in financial trouble? News Team

The Elie Wiesel center lost it’s entire $15 million in savings to the Bernie Madoff scheme. Now the radical left-wing fundraising hustle the Simon Wiesenthal Center is rumored to be in financial trouble. Wiesenthal also lost an annual grant from the Picower Foundation because of Bernie Madoff. The foundation lost everything to Madoff and closed down.

Each year the group holds a $50,000 a plate fundraising dinner with a celebrity. Past celebrities including Al Gore, Bono, Rupert Murdock and Nicole Kidman have appeared together.

Last year however, all attendees got for the $50,000 was Whoopi Goldberg. This year the Simon Wiesenthal Center has canceled the dinner all together. Instead of an invitation, past attendees only received a letter begging for money.

The so-called Simon Wiesenthal “tolerance center” has cut back hours to only four days a week. Numerous staff at the center has been cut.