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Affirmative action can kill you. News Team

Texting Trolley driver who injured 49 people was only hired because she was a freakish transvestite.

The trolley driver, Georgia Quinn, who injured 50 and caused $9 million in damage because she was text messaging her girlfriend, was only hired to fill a quota. In 2004 she applied as a woman and was not hired. In 2007 she applied as a “transgendered person,” and was hired as a minority.

The MTBA needed more minorities to fill it’s quota. Because she was a post-op transvestite who mutilated herself with plastic surgery this bizarre freak show qualified as a “minority.”

Sources say Quinn had three speeding tickets since 2002, was cited in a wreck in 2008, and was suspended from work for a day in 2008 for no shows. However Quinn allowed the MTBA to fulfill it’s it quota of minorities.