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Black misbehavior rewarded in public schools. News Team

We hear this same story told by white public school students all over the nation.

A reader writes in…

So at school, Friday i had pinned a confederate flag to my backpack to cover up where my dog ripped the front pocket open so no one would see a huge rip in my backpack. So as i was walking down the hall after 2nd period i was jumped by three blacks who came out of nowhere, the grabbed the backpack from my shoulders, snapping the straps, ripped the flag off,shredded, called my every derogatory term for a white man, the proceeded to attempt to beat me up. i say attempted because although they were rather big, i was quick and easily dodged almost every punch. guess who got suspended? me. why? i “started the whole thing by displaying an offensive article”. now i have 9 days of ISS. 5 more days of school, meaning i have to finish up ISS in my senior year, and am banned from the end of year trip to Orlando that the school band, which i am a part of, will be taking next week. This is so unfair.