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Democrats hold the most animosity towards Jews. News Team

Minority coalition Democrat Party weakening.

According to polls 77%-80% percent of American Jews voted for Obama. Sean Hannity’s prediction that Jews would switch parties over Obama proved to be completely false.

There are 13 Jews in the US Senate and not a single one is a Republican. There are 30 Jewish members of the US House and only one is a Republican.

However, the members of their own party are the ones who hold the most animosity against Jews.

The staff at has been predicting, for the past year or so, two major splits in the Democratic party. The first is the rift between Blacks and Hispanics. The second is the rift between Jews and anti-Zionist Democrats.

We know that Diversity and Multiculturalism are failed concepts. We have thousands of years of empirical data showing this. It is inevitable that a political body based on multiculturalism will implode.

Stanford University just published a poll that suggests Democrats are twice as likely to harbor animosity towards Jews than Republicans.