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Dr. Tomislav Sunic to speak at 2009 CofCC Conference! News Team

Dr. Tomislav Sunic, a political science author, diplomat, and University Professor, has been added to the line up of speakers at the 2009 CofCC Conference. Sunic served as a Croatian diplomat in London, Brussels, and Copenhagen. He has taught at the Anglo-American University in Prague as well as the University of California and Juniata College in Pennsylvania.

The Conference will be June 26-27 in Jackson, Mississippi. This will be the biggest and most important right-wing conference of 2009. It is $40 to attend, which includes a Saturday luncheon. The hotel is filling up fast, so make your reservations now! CAll 1-636-940-8474 for more info.

Jared Taylor, President of New Century Foundation.

Merlin Miller, Independence movie director/producer.

James Edwards, Host of the Political Cesspool Radio Show.

Craig Bodeker, Producer of the groundbreaking documentary “A Conversation About Race.”

Dr. Miles Wolpin, Professor Emeritus SUNY.

There will be a surprise big name speaker!