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European Far-Right could explode this June! News Team

Picture Right: Meet Krisztina Morvai, the sexy blond-haired leader of the Hungarian right-wing. The media attacks against her have been especially vile. Prompting Morvai, who is a lawyer, to threaten media outlets with defamation lawsuits. “Don’t think you can keep doing this forever.”

June 4th-7th could go down in history as the rise of the new European right-wing. The European Parliament is holding historic EU parliament elections in all 27 member countries at the same time. In many nations, the right-wing parties are doing much better than ever before in polls. In some countries even polling as leading parties.

The mainstream media is in a frenzy of hate and spewing attacks in every available outlet. In every corner of Europe, the newspapers, television, leftist celebrities, and others are screaming “nazi, racist, and hatemonger” until they are blue in the face. Will the left-wing slander campaign work, or will we see a historic shift in the makeup of the European Parliament?

CNN, in the United States, is screaming about a possible “wave of new Far Right politicians and mavericks marching from obscurity to national prominence.”

In England, the media has conceded that the BNP will probably win seats. It is just a question of how many. The BBC and others are begging people to come to the polls just to vote against the BNP.

Italy could elect a majority of right-wing members, with countries like Belgium, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands and Denmark electing very large percentages.

In Finland, right wing candidate Timo Soini has been named the most popular candidate in opinion polls.