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Judge Roy Moore picked in governor poll.


Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, picked as a likely winner in the state’s 2010 governor’s race in a February poll, apparently is building on his lead. A new unscientific readers’ poll in the Birmingham Business Journal suggests he has the support of nearly two of three voters in the state.

Moore was expelled from his position as chief justice in the state for refusing to remove a replica of the Ten Commandments from his courthouse. Since then he has been advocating for traditional American values and ethics through his Foundation for Moral Law.

On the Journal forums page, the comments ranged from multiple expressions of support for Moore to the expressed desire to “FIRE THEM ALL.” “When I hear liberals say that we here in Alabama are ‘backwoods’ and aren’t ‘progressive,’ I know that means that we are Conservative Christians, who are Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Anti-Big Government, Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Illegal Immigration, Pro-Military and Pro-2nd Amendment. I still believe in God, Family, Country and Honor. I will never apologize for my beliefs, morals or values!” a commenter said.

Moore has not made a formal announcement but has said he will make public his plans probably within the next several weeks.

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