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Marxist ringleader may lose huge scholarship over Tancredo attack. News Team

Ringleader in attack on Tancredo is daughter of film industry leftists!

Describes herself on the website twitter as “radical queer femme-inist artist activist with a love of social justice, sparkles, and sex.”

Recently former US Congressman Tom Tancredo spoke at the University of North Carolina. Or at least he tried to. A group of Marxists violently disrupted the speaking engagement and forced it to end early.

Ringleader Haley Koch may now lose her scholarship money. Look at the picture to the right. Believe it or not, this an actual photo of Haley Koch, which was published in a past article of the University newspaper.

Koch is receiving a scholarship worth $140,000 from the Morehead-Cain foundation. The most prestigious and lucrative scholarship program offered at UNC. The foundation says they will be meeting with Koch to discuss the future of her scholarship.

Koch also faces a minor criminal charge.

Dozens of Marxists pushed and shoved their way into the lecture hall, smashed a window, and rushed the stage. Koch was the only one arrested.

Koch is the daughter of Susan and Christopher Koch who direct and produce left-wing made for tv movies. One is “City at Peace,” an anti-white propaganda piece blaming whites for the failures of blacks.