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Moscow Rejects Queer "Pride"

Yuri Lushkov, Christian Mayor of Moscow

Yuri Luzhkov, Christian Mayor of Moscow

While queers in America viciously antagonize Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, because she believes in traditional marriage, queers attempting to demonstrate in Moscow are learning a painful lesson about normal, healthy attitudes. 

Thirty queer activists who were attempting to demonstrate in front of Moscow University to promote a homosexually oriented “Eurovision” concert were roughed up and arrested by police.

Professional sissy Peter Tatchell of Australia, who organized the demonstation, was handcuffed and “frog marched” into custody.  The Russians have displayed open public hostility to queer activism. The Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, who described gay parades as “satanic” and considers homosexuals “weapons of mass destruction” had previously banned the demonstration planned by Tatchell. Riot police swarmed Moscow’s Pushkin Square anticipating that the queers would violate the ban.  

Mayor Luzhkov is a devout Orthodox Christian who, unlike Rick Warren, recognizes an abomination when he sees one.