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Who's the War Monger Now?

Obama: Prince of Peace Keeping

Obama: Prince of Peace Keeping

George Bush wrecked his presidency when he drummed up a war with Iraq; a war which Colin Powell lied before Congress to get started. Then American liberals turned back the clock to 1968 with war protests and all manner of wailing and gnashing of teeth. “Bush is a War Criminal!” they shouted.  Then Obama was elected and Peace reigned over the earth…

Wait a minute! THE WAR IS STILL GOING ON!  BUT NO MORE PROTESTS! Not only is the war still hot, and American soldiers are dying at the hands of Iraqi insurgents and combat-crazed comrades, but Obama is allowing military tribunals to prosecute terror suspects. Has the ACLU been notified? Where is the vociferous anti-war terrorist Bill Ayers?

A liberal’s war is a peace-keeping mission… as Orwell might have said.  And we’re still waiting for that “time-table for withdrawal”.