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America plagued by racially motivated violence against whites. News Team

During the 2008 election, liberals fantasized openly that a black president would cause young blacks to do better in school and commit less crime. The exact opposite seems to be occurring. Black crime, especially black on white violent crime, seems to be higher than ever.

According to the Philadelphia local news, violent black thugs are using to organize mob attacks on white people. bills itself as “an online social location that provides African Americans a superior way to connect.

Two blacks aged 16 and 14 arrested for the brutal murder of a white 14 year old.

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Black Muslim attacks white soldiers at white recruitment center killing one and wounding a second.

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Philadelphia sees rioting and violence by black “rampaging teens” for second week in a row. Black mobs ransack stores and attack white people at random. Thugs used an online social networking website aimed at black people to organize the rioting in advance. “Mainstream” media silent about racial nature.

For the second weekend in a row, teenagers attacked both people and property, causing a lot of damage to both. Police say word spread online for the teenagers to mass in the street.

This is the mini mart that got trashed. The mob left here and headed back toward South Street. Two blocks away, they came across a young couple in a Jeep who spoke exclusively with Action News about their terrifying ordeal. They asked us to conceal their faces and last names.

“Laying in that bed in the hospital thankful that I’m breathing, I’m alive,” said Nick.

Nick and his girlfriend Susanne were in a Jeep, stopped at the light on Broad Street. Earlier in the night the teens had marauded through South Street, carjacking a cab and crashing it, jumping on the hoods and roofs of other cars.

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