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BNP gets major support among mail in ballots. News Team

BBC admits major BNP “breakthrough” could be eminent. The media across Europe is whipped up in an all out frenzy of hatred aimed at the BNP. Calling the party every derogatory name it can think of.

Secondly, the British media is now openly supporting and propping up the UK Independence Party. The UKINP is a minor party that opposes UK membership in the EU. The party won seats in the last EU elections, but in recent years has lost much ground in local elections. The party received 16.1% of the vote in the 2004 EU elections, but only received 2.3% in British national elections the very next year. Currently the UKINP only holds a small number of city council seats outside of it’s EU seats gained in 2004.

Previously the UKINP was vilified as a “right-wing extremist party.” Now the media and other major parties have done a complete turnaround. Instead of vilifying the UKINP, they are singing it’s praises. The UKINP is being promoted by the media as the legitimate voice of opposition to the three major parties, as a means of hurting the BNP. If the BNP ceased to exist tomorrow, the British establishment would immediately go straight back to rabidly denouncing the UKINP again.

Senior Labour MEP abandons ship. One of several British MEP in allowances scandal quits race.

Ms Smith was one of the first to be publicly ridiculed when it emerged that amongst her expenses claims were pornographic films and an obviously bogus ’second house’ claim which was in fact her sister’s house.

This scam allowed her to claim around £116,000 for the upkeep of the family home in her constituency. Her husband, Mr Richard Timney, was the one who allegedly watched the films called Who’s Nailin’ Palin and Belladonna’s Girl Train and submitted the £67 Virgin Media bill, although his wife would have had to sign for it. Mr Timney, who lives in Redditch with their two sons, aged 15 and 10, is employed at public expense as a parliamentary assistant to his wife. The bill also included two viewings of the film Ocean’s 13, at £3.75 each, and £3.50 to watch the children’s film Surf’s Up.

Ms Smith bought her husband a £240 Apple iPhone on her office expenses, as well as billing taxpayers for her accountancy costs and £1,600 for three digital cameras and a camcorder over three years.

When that scandal broke, Gordon Brown said Ms Smith was “doing a great job” and that the best thing “is that Jacqui Smith gets on with her work, which is what she wants to do.”