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online casino Catches Think Progress in Bold Faced Lie! News Team

Think Progress is a radical left-wing website owned by former Clinton now Obama economics adviser and UFO enthusiast John Podesta.

Think Progress launched an anti-CofCC diatribe the other day. Think Progress claims that the CofCC is falsifying the definition of La Raza.

“La Raza,” in fact, translates as “the people,” not “the race.” – Think Progress

Anyone who even speaks remedial Spanish knows that Think Progress is BLATANTLY lying.

Look in any Spanish dictionary. Yahoo Babelfish translates the word raza as “race.” Google Translate says raza means “race.” The prestigious Oxford Spanish Dictionary translates raza as “race” or “breed.”

“The People,” in Spanish would be “La Personas.” Not only is the absurd statement from Think Progress 100% false, it is extremely easy to prove it is false. (Not to mention that anyone who speaks Spanish would already know that the claim is false.)

Think Progress comically describes themselves as “non-partisan.” Comically, because right after the claim to be “non-partisan,” they brag about winning the “Best Liberal Website of 2006” award. Apparently no one at the Center for American Progress has any idea what the word “partisan” means.

Photo Top Right: John Podesta, the man behind Think Progress. In between adviser two left-wing presidents on how to screw up the economy, he moonlighted as a wanna-be Fox Mulder seeking to expose a secret government UFO conspiracy. Hey Podesta, why don’t you ask Obama to release the secret UFO files?

“Some people at the White House have coffee tables full of White House trinkets. Others have what are known as “me walls” filled with candid shots of them and the President. In my office at the White House I have a little table that I’ve converted into an X-Files shrine, with copies of books, fan magazines, CD-Roms, photos of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.” – John Podesta, CEO of Center for American Progress, which owns the Think Progress Website. He is currently serving in the Obama administration helping Obama to further wreck our economy.