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EU Elections start today! News Team

UK and the Netherlands vote today!

Elections are underway now for a new European Parliament. Across Europe, major newspapers published some of their most hateful articles ever vilifying the right-wing.

In Britain the Guardian declared the BNP a “Threat to Democracy.” The paper urged people to come to the polls and “vote for any party except the BNP.”

John Press, a professor at New York University declared that the BNP and Vlaams Belang “will advocate ethnic cleansing.”

In other news, 69% of Italians picked immigration as the number one issue in a national poll. Silvio Berlusconi has made immigration the central theme of his campaign.

Meanwhile, talks of forming a new right-wing EU grouping are underway between several parties. The two small right-leaning Union of the European of Nations(UEN) and the Independence/Democracy(ID) groups are expected to dissolve. The ID was built around the British UKIP members elected in 2004. While some members of the UEN are expected to join with new incoming right-wingers.

The Danish People’s Party and the Italian League of the North have already announced that they will be leaving UEN and are discussing the re-creation of the Identity, Tradition, and Sovereignty(ITS) Group with Vlaams Belang and the Austrian Freedom Party.

The EU has increased the minimum required to form a group from 20 people from 5 countries, to 25 people from seven countries. This was done to prevent the reforming of the ITS Grouping. However, a new ITS is expected to include members from UK, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Austria and Belgium. Giving them their seven countries.

Geert Wilders’ Dutch PVV is expected to perform well, but Wilders insists that his party will remain independents in the EU.

Meanwhile, remaining parties from EUN and ID may join with incoming Polish Law and Justice and Czech Civic Justice to form a “Euroskeptic, Libertarian, Conservative” grouping.