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"European voters punish the left" – cries BBC. News Team

The BBC is lamenting the demise of a left-wing majority in the EU.

After the 2004 EU Elections, parties ranging from right of center to far-right accounted for 49.5%.

Today, it looks like parties ranging from right of center to far right will account for 54.5%. This is a ten point shift. From 1 point below the left, to 9 points ahead of the left.

About 10% of the EU could now be considered right-wing or far-right. The only country where the right-wing fell is France. Two very right-wing parties took 10 seats in 04, but only 4 seats this time. This is largely because the media is still falsely portraying Sarkozy and his popular movement as right-wing.

During the last French national election, Sarkozy campaigned as a right-winger to steal votes from the real right-wing. Now in office, Sarkozy has been getting more left-wing by the day. The European media continued to portray Sarkozy as the conservative he campaigned as, and his party did quite well.