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Hero Pharmacist saves the day, now faces murder charge. News Team

Jerome Ersland, a disabled Gulf War veteran defended his life and the lives of two female employees when he shot dead armed attacker 16 year old Antwun Parker.

Now he has been charged with 1st degree murder and is being vilified by the local media.

In a bizarre twist the District Attorney asked that Ersland’s gun rights not be restricted while he awaits trial on bail. D.A. David Prater admitted that Ersland may now be a target of other thugs who will know that he is not allowed to carry a gun. The judge denied this request.

Gunowners and Veterans have rallied around Ersland despite his vilification by the media. The media is attacking Ersland for unloading his firearm, claiming he should have fired one shot and stopped. The first thing that you are taught in any ccw or firearm self-defense class is that it is typical for the victim to unload their entire handgun in a self-defense shooting.

Adrenaline takes over and often the victim continues to fire without even realizing it. Police report that after self-defense shootings it is typical, even expected, for the victim to state that they fired fewer shots than they actually fired.