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Heros of Europe! News Team

Dutch Party of Freedom comes in 2nd place! The center-right Christian Democratic Alliance came in first with 20%. The Dutch Democratic Socialist party was crushed falling from 24% in 2004 to only 12% yesterday.

The European media is now venting anger at the Netherlands for not waiting until Sunday to release EU Parliament election results. The British and Dutch had been told not to release results, so that right-wing gains would not encourage the right-wing in other nations voting Saturday. The Netherlands could face sanctions from the EU for releasing the results early.

The British media is not releasing any polling data and the government has the results under lock and key until Sunday. The Netherlands, however, defied the order to keep the results secret. With over 90% of the vote now counted, Geert Wilder’s PVV is expected to receive 17% of the vote. Almost three times what PVV won in the 2006 Dutch National Elections. Not bad for a guy facing thought crimes charges, is banned from entering Britain, and is vilified on the news daily.

PVV will take 4 seats in the European Parliament.