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How the EU is shaping up. News Team

There are 736 full members of the European Parliament.

The largest grouping in the EU is the European People’s Party(EPP-ED), also widely called the Christian Democrats. This group has 265 members.

The groups has two wings. The European People’s Party (EPP) and a smaller European Democrats (ED). The parties forming the European Democrats are the most conservative. There are 36, with 30 of them being from Italy.

Also the Conservative Party of Great Britain has not joined the Christian Democrats grouping this time and has tried to form a new group based around Euroskeptism.

So far, only the 9 members of the conservative Czech Civic Democrats have committed to join. Great Britain needs to convince MEPs from five other countries to join to form a group.

In place of the old Conservative/Right-Wing/Euroskeptic group Europeans for a Europe of Nations, we have 15 members of the Polish Law and Justice party with 4 other MEPs from Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia. They would need to attract at least six more members from three other countries.

There are 47 more independent conservative MEPs from primarily very right-wing parties remaining. There are also 13 members of the UK Independence party(UKIP) that aren’t part of a group yet.

Both the British Conservative Party and the UKIP are reluctant to form a group with any parties considered “far-right.” This makes it likely that both parties will be left out. It is also likely that the British Conservative Party will simply return to the Christian Democrats. If they remain independent they will loose millions a year in EU funding.

The are also 9 members of the right-wing Italian League of the North. They are negotiating with the Polish Law and Justice party. The Italian League of the North has stated that they are open to grouping with parties like Vlaams Belang and the Austrian Freedom party. If the two team up, they could potentially form a large right-wing grouping.

On the right of the center in the EU you have:

229 EPP; center-right/conservative members of the EPP (Christian Democrats)
36 ED; right-wing faction of the Christian Democrats led by the Italians

25 British Conservative Party (very weak conservative) Trying to form it’s own group.
13 UKIP (Conservative Protest Vote)
2 Ulster Unionist Parties (Fairly Conservative)

9 Czech Civic Democrats (Fairly Conservative Trying to form group with British Conservative Party)

19 European Conservatives; Possible Euroskeptic/Right-wing Group if it can attract more members

47 More Independent

The Front National and the British National Party are holding negotiations for a nationalist group in the EU. However the EU increased the minimum requirements specifically to thwart this. They need 25 members from seven different countries.

Total: 380