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Large number of whites victims of racially motivated gang assaults in Baltimore. News Team

This is something that goes on all over the nation, and there is rarely a peep in the media. The Baltimore Sun ran an article about the alarming number of people assaulted by “juveniles.”

All mentions of race is almost completely censored by the Sun, however there is one brief mention at the bottom.

The attackers are severely beating their victims, and in most cases do not even steal items. In some of the attacks, one of the attackers video tapes the assault.

Besides the black on black double stabbing mentioned, the assaults mentioned in the Baltimore Sun are were all committed against whites, by groups of blacks. The brutal attacks were purely motivated by a hatred of white people. However you will never hear the so-called “mainstream” media admit that there are widespread racially motivated assaults against whites going on all across the nation.

Read Article in Baltimore Sun.