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Left-wing media targets Italy's largest party. News Team

Italy has one of the most conservative governments in Europe and a recent opinion poll showed that 69% of Italians ranked immigration as the #1 issue going into the EU elections.

The media has been engaged in the Europe-America wide smear campaign against maverick Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his conservative People of Freedom party. The media keeps talking about “Berlusconi’s scandals” which are mostly media fabrications that most Italians reject. The media has also made Berlusconi’s marital problems front page news around the world. Something the same media outlets hide, when it’s a left-wing politician. Berlusconi has accused Murdock of engaging in a personal vendetta against him in the media. Despite owning FOX News and the New York Sun, Murdock’s media outlets outside of the US are extremely left-wing.

Despite the international hate campaign, Berlusconi is in his 4th term and is wildly popular. His party People for Freedom was a merger between the center-right Forward Italy and the right-wing Italian National Alliance. Currently People for Freedom rule Italy in a coalition with the far-right League of the North. League of the North is a northern Italian secessionist party.

Despite the constant anti-Berlusconi media hate campaign, opinion polls showed People for Freedom with a two digit lead over it’s main rival the socialist/left Democratic Party.