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Leftists Rabid Over BNP Victories

The Labour Party in Britain and other leftist stooges are throwing tantrums today after the British National Party (BNP) won two seats in the European Parliament.  The BNP, invariably portrayed by the lock-step British press as “racist”, “xenophobic”, and even “neo-nazi,” nevertheless overcame a relentless smear campaign to chalk up enough votes in Northern England to send two members to the EU. BNP leader Nick Griffin will represent the North West region and  Andrew Brons becomes the MP for the Yorkshire and Humber area.

The reaction from the Liberal/Labour sector is best described as grief stricken. Overall, Labour fell to third place with less than 15% of the vote, followed by the Liberals.  The United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP), another rightish nationalist party, took second place with 17.5%, behind the Tories with over 28% of the vote. But the deepest wound was the two seats picked up by the BNP.

Harriet Harman, deputy Labour leader, was galled and puckered over the BNP victory:  “I think people will be absolutely dismayed, I think it is horrific that we have representing Britain in the European Parliament people who think that black people and people of Asian origin have no place in this country.”

Another Labour mouthpiece, Yvette Cooper, described the BNP triumph as “”very sad day for democracy.” (Comrade Cooper! The BNP was VOTED IN! But democracy only counts when the Left is in power.)

The C of CC extends a hearty congratulations to Nick Griffin, Andrew Brons, and the British National Party for their victories in England and the EU.  Congratulations also to the other Right Wing and Conservative parties throughout Europe.