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Letter in the Baltimore Sun News Team

This is a classic example of why letters to the editor work!

Race matters in Crofton killing – June 8, 2009

The police and the media want to pretend that the tragic death of teen Chris Jones in Crofton was not about race. However, that is exactly what it was about.

If the murderers were white and had beaten a black boy to death, this crime would have around the clock coverage in the national media as a “hate crime,” with howls of outrage about the victim’s civil rights being violated, and those responsible charged with murder, not manslaughter.

No doubt Jesse Jackson and other activists would march to protest racism in Crofton and the media, schools and officials would be bombarding us with reminders of the racist history of this country.

Unfortunately, the problems of race and racism will never be settled until there is an honest realization and discussion that racism is not the exclusive reserve of white people. This is the bitter truth few want to accept. W.J. Shepherd, Crofton