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Liberal Party Pervert Blasts BNP Voters

Nothing is more nauseating than a sanctimonious liberal who makes moral judgements while leading a depraved lifestyle. Mark Oaten, former chairman of the Liberal Democrats  and a British Liberal MP representing Winchester, has slammed voters from his district who cast ballots for the BNP.  Oaten accused the 1032 Winchester residents who supported the BNP, as you might guess, of being racist.

Where does Oaten derive his moral superiority?  Does being a married queer with children who engages male prostitutes account for his virtue?  Is his badge of honor the feces he wears with such pleasure?

The leftist media has trained the public to overlook sexual depravity as a moral issue, instead persuading the numb masses that “equality”, “social justice”, and “democracy” are the paths to righteousness. But Oaten doesn’t acknowledge democracy unless it serves the liberal agenda.

Oaten displayed his passion for democracy when he stated that “(There) is no place for (BNP) in democratic politics.” There is, however, always a place in democracy for demented politicians with disgusting sexual appetites.