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More anti-BNP literature was distributed than that of the major parties. News Team

The coordinated effort to keep the BNP from winning seats was massive to say the least. It was also a failure.

The so-called “Hope Not Hate” campaign distributed more anti-BNP literature than any of the major parties distributed.

3.4 Million anti-BNP newspapers and leaflets were passed out. Of this 2.5 Million were passed out in the two districts where the BNP won seats.

Blue State Digital, Obama’s internet team, was hired to coordinate online efforts to stop the BNP. 50,000 people registered as online as volunteers to fight the BNP, and 1,500 donated money.

Several BNP leaders were physically attacked by leftists. A mob of violent leftists attempted to attack Nick Griffin Saturday night.

A massive organized hacking/DOS attack on the BNP website was carried out using leftists in Russia.

BNP candidates were banned from public debates and town hall meetings.

Every “mainstream” media outlet ran anti-BNP attack pieces on a daily basis.

The BNP received 9% of the vote in the Northern half of England and 5% in the southern half.