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Most whites prefer other whites over blacks declares Science Daily. News Team

Is racial bias natural or some great sin? by Kyle Rogers

Science Daily published another article confirming results of implicit testing on racial bias. Most white people favor members of their own racial group.

In an article from 2007. Science Daily called racial bias a “pervasive human tendency.” In a study of white college students, only 7% were found to have no racial bias using complex psychological tests. The 7% with no racial bias were usually people who have trouble forming “negative affective associations in general.”

The publications deviates from science and declares with religious fever that we must admit our racial bias and repent, as if it was original sin. Science Daily then suggests Orwellian “reconditioning” of whites using more “positive images of blacks in the media.” The networks have been trying for several decades with programs like Different Strokes, Webster, and the Cosby Show. Not to mention the rewriting of history to include fictional black heroes.

Nevertheless, Science Daily has once again reported on the “pervasive human tendency” that just won’t go away. A brand new article re-affirms the results of the racial bias test that used brain waves to see if white people reacted with fear when looking at pictures of blacks.

White people were asked if they prefer members of their own race. Most gave the response they were socially conditioned to give. “No.” After all, racial bias is supposed to be some great evil.

When shown pictures of black males, especially black males with animated expressions, the equipment recorded the triggering of fear responses in the brain.

What is more, black subjects were also far more likely to have a fear response to images of black males than to images of white people.

Finally, when whites were warned that the next image would be “an African America male,” they were less likely to have a fear response. Whites who are conditioned to feel ashamed of thinking differently of black people, were able to prepare themselves and hide the fear response in their brain when they were warned in advance that the next photo would be a black male.

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