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Obama eyes plan calling for mass bulldozing of dilapidated black neighborhoods. News Team

Dozens of major American cities have all black neighborhoods where a large portion of homes have been abandoned because of crime.

Obama says these neighborhoods should be bulldozed to fight economic decline. Cities like Flint, Michigan and Youngstown, Ohio have already started campaigns of paying black residents to leave dilapidated neighborhoods so they can be bulldozed. The idea is that it costs too much to provide services to neighborhoods where large numbers of houses are empty.

A plan being eyed by the Obama administration calls for some 50 US cities to bulldoze as much as 40% of their neighborhoods. Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Memphis are cited as top cities in need of bulldozing. All are very heavily black cities.

Of course the part no one is telling you is that the idea is to move all the violent thugs, who caused these neighborhoods to deteriorate so badly, into nicer neighborhoods. What is going to stop all these thugs from causing their new neighbors to flee?