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Out of control violence may force World Cup to leave South Africa. News Team

British UK Daily Mail finally reports on the slaughter of white people in South Africa.

“Only 70 miles from a 2010 World Cup football stadium, a farmer’s wife and a boy aged 13 learn to defend themselves with lethal weapons. They say thousands of white landowners have been killed by Zimbabwe-style marauders; their black rulers accuse them of belligerence and right-wing tendencies. Aidan Hartley reports on the war of words you won’t read about in your World Cup holiday brochure.” – UK Daily Mail.

There is a contingency plan to move the 2010 South African World Cup to Australia due to out of control violence in the “multicultural paradise.”

Since the international community turned control of South Africa over to the blacks, the country is a daily orgy of violence. Officially about 50 murders and 150 rapes happen every day. The rape rate is probably much higher, as polls show even middle school aged boys view rape as a normal recreational activity.

Since 1994 3,000 white farmers have been have killed by black mobs in racially motivated attacks. In many cases the victims were horrifically tortured to death in the most unspeakable ways.

The all black government is currently seeking to disarm white farmers to make it easier for them to be murdered.

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