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Poland, Hungary, Slovakia elect big conservative/right-wing majorities! News Team

Europe is swinging hard to the right!!!! The left-wing media has been predicting that both “right-wing” and “left-wing” parties would grow and the middle would shrink. Of course the media always lies to help the left. The reality is in several countries who have reported results so far, the left has taken a huge hit and the right has grown dramatically.

Slovakia. 13 Seats.

In Slovakia, 3 center-right/conservative parties will take 6 seats. Two right-wing parties will take one seat each. The remaining five parties will go to Smer, which was formerly a member of the Socialist parties of Europe(PES) grouping in the EU. However PES expelled the group in 2006 for opposing immigration. The party is heavily made up of ex-communists, who now oppose immigration and espouse a more populist economic ideology. PES crudely denounced them as a “political party which incites or attempts to stir up racial or ethnic prejudices and racial hatred.”

It remains to be seen what, if any, EU Group Smer will join. The bottom line is that Slovakia did not elect a single candidate from a pro-immigration party. Slovakia could emerge as a leader in the fight against 3rd world immigration and opposing Turkish membership.

Slovakia could provide two members for right-wing groups such as the ITS.

Hungary. 22 Seats.

The right-wing party Jobbik emerged from obscurity recently and has won 3 seats in the EU from Hungary. Hungarian Civic Union, a center-right/conservative party took 14 seats. A libertarian/conservative party won 1 seat and the Socialist party won 4.

Only 4 of Hungary’s 22 seats went to leftists. The other 18 are at least somewhat right of center.

The three Jobbik members are expected to join the ITS.

Poland. 50 Seats.

No more Polish jokes. With their 50 seats, Poland is heavily tipping the scales for the right. Only 6 of Polands 50 seats are going to leftists.

Civic Platform won 24 and the right-wing Law and Justice party got 16. The moderate/right of center People’s Party took 4.