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Right-wing gets majority in Italy. News Team

The conservative/anti-immigration People of Freedom party took 29 seats, while it’s coalition ally the far-right secessionist League of the North took 8.

The centrist UDC took 5 seats. A group of leftist parties had joined forces to create the new Italian Democratic Party. This party hoped to ride the wave of world-wide media vilification of the Italian People of Freedom. Despite a month long international hate campaign, the new Democratic Party only got 23 seats.

We are still waiting for final results for Britain and Ireland. Britain does not elect MEPs based on national vote totals. They do it by districts. They have adopted a method that allows regional parties in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland to elect MEPs. However, they also divide England into numerous regions which greatly favors the large parties and hurts the chances of the smaller ones.

The BBC is currently reporting that the BNP will win one MEP from Yorkshire and Humber district. The BBC also reports that the BNP may win one MEP from the North West District. At the vote counting center in the North West District Socialists and Communists staged a violent demonstration and tried to attack BNP leader Nick Griffin.

We also know that the UKIP will get multiple seats. UKIP received 16% of the vote in the 2004 UK EU election. However, since then they performed extremely poorly in local elections. In 2004 they were denounced as “right-wing extremists” by the media. As the EU election drew near, the media suddenly revived the UKIP and “the legitimate protest vote.” The BBC is currently predicting that the UKIP came in second place beating two of the major parties.

The Conservative party, also known as the Tory Party, is expected to end up in first place with about 30% of the vote.