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Socialists stomped in Austria! News Team

These unofficial results based on a partial count.

The Austrian Social-Democratic party, a leftist/socialist party, got a rude awakening. Media polls predicted they would come in first place with around 30% of the vote. However, we are all well aware the “mainstream” media uses “push polls” that favor the left-wing.

In 2004 The Social-Democrats got 24%, a 10% drop from 2004. They will lose two of the MEPs. The communist leaning Green party took 9.5%, a 3.5% loss from 04.

The center-right conservative People’s Party came in first with 30%. The far-right Freedom Party received 13% while the far-right Alliance for the Future of Austria received 4.5%.

The big winner of the election was Hans-Peter Martin’s list. They received a shocking 17% of the vote. Hans-Peter Martin is a maverick Austrian politician who ran on a euroskeptic, anti-corruption, pro-transparency platform. Martin was also elected to the EU parliament in 2004 where he formed an alliance with UKIP member Ashley Mote to promote government transparency. Ashley Mote was one of two MEPs who spoke at the last American Renaissance conference.

The left-wing will only receive six of Austria’s 17 seats.