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SPLC spews anti-white bigotry. News Team

Photo Right: SPLC spokeswoman Heidi Beirich.

The radical left-wing fundraising hustlers at the SPLC are spewing their hate filled rhetoric again. They are upset that the CofCC conference in Jackson, Mississippi was such a success. The CofCC has been mentioned in every single issue of the SPLC fundraiser rag for at least the past ten years.

While calling us “racists,” Heidi Beirich found it necessary to engage in gratuitous anti-white bigotry.

“A new slogan for the state’s highway signs, “Birthplace of America’s Music.” Ironically, the music the signs refer to — “from the blues, to country, to rock and roll, to gospel” — was largely produced by African Americans.” – Heidi Beirich

This quote is not just Afro-mythology, it is blatant anti-white bigotry. Mississippi is the birthplace of Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Two of the most famous musicians in US history and both are white.

I may also point out that all of the instruments used in all the genres Heidi mentions were all invented by white Europeans. Complex musical theory was developed thousands of years ago by the Greeks and standardized by Charlemagne. No one in Sub-Saharan Africa ever developed any complex music instruments or any kind of musical theory.

Blues scales and similar chord progressions used in early blues and rock n roll music are similar to British folk music that goes back hundreds of years.

While Mississippi has a large number of famous black musicians, there is an even larger number of famous white musicians. Including such current stars at LeAnn Rimes, and Faith Hill.

I suppose Heidi will say it is “racist” to point this information out.