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Three Blacks Guilty of Murder in London (Sound Familiar?)

Three men, all black, have been found guilty of murdering the brother of a popular entertainer… in Britain.

Ben Kinsella, 16, was murdered outside a London pub by three blacks.  Kinsella, brother of actress Brooke Kinsella, was present in the pub with friends when an argument ensued between one of the killers, Jade Braithwaite, and another patron.  Though Kinsella was not involved in the confrontation he was targeted by Braithwaite and his accomplices anyway and was beaten and stabbed eleven times, once through the heart. Ben Kinsella was a top student and popular among his schoolmates.

The deracinated liberal establishment bleats that race is only a “social construct”, yet blacks everywhere gang up and commit random acts of violence against innocent whites. The liberals, also behaving stereotypically, bemoan social injustice as the reason for black violence. As long as this craven attitude is allowed to persist, whites will continue to die indiscriminately because of blacks’ propensity for violence.  Regardless of racial attitudes, many white victims of black violence are bleeding-heart liberals.