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Profanity laced anti-Obama diatribes by American and Israeli Jews send shockwaves across the left. News Team has been accurately predicting two growing divides in the Democratic party. The first is hostility between blacks and Hispanics. The second is hostility between Jews and other democrats who are either pro-Arab/Muslim, anti-Israel, or a combination of the two.

The issue has exploded over the past few days. Extreme left-winger Max Blumenthal, himself Jewish, went to Israel to gauge opinions of Obama by the Israelis.

Blumenthal is one of the few leftists who actually believes his own hype. For many Jews on the left, diversity, multiculturalism, and gun control are a necessity for Americans, but anathema for right-wing Israel. Blumenthal feels that Jews should advocate the same suicidal leftists politics for Israel that they advocate for America. The same policy is being adopted by many non-Jewish Democratic party activists who have targeted Israel as the next “Apartheid” to rally against.

Remember that according to exit polls, as many as 80% of American Jews voted for Obama. Blumenthal interviews Israeli Jews who denounce Obama as a Muslim and say he has already betrayed Israel.

The explosive part happens when Blumenthal enters some Israeli bars full of college aged American Jewish tourists. When asked about their opinion of Obama, the mostly American crowd denounces Obama with profanities, racial slurs, sexually explicit comments, and at least one death threat. The video was recorded on June 3rd, 2009.

One individual yells, “white power, F$%^ N%&&@#s” to the cheers of his friends, some of whom are wearing yarmulkes. One girl denounces Obama as a Muslim and non-US citizen.

One person claims to have worked for the Obama campaign, but now speaks of Obama with a string of profanities.

The video is spreading like wildfire among the anti-Israel/anti-Zionist and/or pro-Muslim segment of the left-wing online. Apparently a major US gangster rap star known as “50 cent” even posted the video on his own personal website. Blumenthal himself claims that over 100,000 people have watched the video in the past two days.

Warning: This video contains profanities and language inappropriate for children. [youtube Uxt9HwfPwPo]