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Violent thugs given seven days probation to appease black race hustlers. News Team

Five of the six perpetrators of the brutal racially motivated attack in Jena, Louisiana are being let off with a comical $500 fine and seven days probation. The violent thugs were originally charged with attempted murder. However the mother of one of the perps was a local NAACP leader and was able to draw race hustlers from all over the country to Jena to demonstrate and agitate.

Some of the perps have already committed other violent crimes since the original charges. There were also several scandals involving allegations that several of the black race hustlers (including the NAACP linked mother) made off with large amounts of money for themselves. One of the perps even posted pictures of himself on the internet with a pile of $100 bills and bragged that the event had provided him with a windfall of cash. Or in his words “gettin paid!”