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White woman who threw parties for affluent blacks found murdered. (big surprise) News Team

Known as “The White Girl,” Rian Thall threw wild parties for affluent black males that included professional sports athletes, rappers, and drug dealers.

Now, Rian and another male friend have been found murdered execution style in Rian’s upscale apartment complex. Not a very surprising end to her life considering that femicide (being killing by a current or former boyfriend or husband) is one of the leading causes of death among black women. Black males are 9 times more likely to commit femicide than white males.

Three suspects were caught on multiple surveillance cameras. Several media outlets admit to having copies of the video, but refuse to show any the footage on the air. A common practice when a white person is murdered by blacks.

Police found a huge stockpile of cash and drugs in the apartment that were not even stolen by the murderers.

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