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Akron mayor bypasses local police. Calls in FBI over brutal mob attack on white family. News Team

“Mr. Tough Guy” Mayor wants FBI to investigate mob attack as a “hate crime.”

We reported earlier that a white family was attacked by a huge mob of dozens of blacks on the 4th of July in Akron, Ohio. A local paper asked the Akron police if it considered the attack racially motivated since the attackers chanted racial slogans. The local police department told them “no.”

A press release issued by the local department omitted any mention of race or the chants, despite multiple statements from the victims. The police did not even include the release on the press release section of their website!

Now the Akron mayor has bypassed the local police and personally asked the FBI to get involved and investigate the attack as a Federal hate crime and/or civil rights violation.

When questioned by the media, the spineless local police department is now claiming ignorance about the case.

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