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Blacks attack white motorists with deadly violence in Chattanooga. News Team

Black thugs have murdered and seriously injured numerous white victims across the US by throwing rocks and other objects at white motorists. Many overpasses in major cities have huge fences to keep blacks from throwing rocks at cars.

The Chattanooga…

Scarlett Henry said she was driving in the 3800 block of Central Avenue when several black youths began throwing rocks at her car.

Several of the youths fled, but police questioned Deonta King about the incident.

Police said the youth were “targeting only white drivers.”

On West 38th Street, Sarah Beairsto said her car was damaged by rocks thrown by black youths.

She said the youths were at the corner of 38th and Kirkland Avenue.

Police said the Beairsto car had several dents, a broken taillight and a broken window.

A few weeks ago, in Cincinnati, Joyce Baresel suffered serious debilitating injuries and almost died from a similar racially motivated attack on her car.