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online casino News Team catches New Orleans WWLTV defaming white people with easily disprovable lies. News Team

Photo Right: The Louisiana Recovery School District is so overwhelmingly black that the administrators did not even bother to picture any white students at the top of their website. This overwhelmingly black district receives 29.5% more money per student than the average Louisiana public school.

“They are less likely to be exposed to a rich and challenging curriculum,” she said. “And the schools that educate them typically receive less state and local funding than the ones serving mainly white students.” – WWLTV

WWLTV published an article about the dismal performance of blacks in public schools. No real facts were used. Everything presented as fact reads like crackpot anti-white conspiracy theories that are easy to disprove!

Once again the News Team is calling out a media outlet for defaming white people by printing a bold faced lie. The claim that white public schools get more money was used by WWLTV as an unchallenged fact. If WWLTV even tried to get the other side of the story it would be different. However, all they did was take the conspiratorial ravings of an anti-white bigot and print them unchallenged as facts.

In fact, as we have discussed on numerous times, the EXACT OPPOSITE is true. First of all, private schools receive significantly less money than public schools and produced significantly better results. Secondly, majority black public schools receive more money than majority white public schools on average in any given state.

In the past we have posted links to studies in Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois that showed that majority black public schools averaged significantly more money than majority white public schools statewide. In fact, the public school system with the most money per pupil in the nation is Washington DC. Their schools are almost 100% black. Yet the schools are at rock bottom. If DC was a state it would be the worst performing state, despite spending the most per pupil of any state. In fact DC has the worst performance on standadized tests in the entire industrialized world.

Ok WWLTV, let’s lay it out for you.

The average expenditure per student in Louisiana public schools is $9,967.

The Lousiana Recovery district includes dozens of heavily black schools in New Orleans, East Baton Rouge, and Caddo Parish. Basically these schools were seized by the state because local black administrators did such a poor job running them. Louisiana amended it’s state constitution to begin “rescuing” these schools in 2003. The Recovery district includes 81 or more schools. Many are named after famous black people. We spot checked a few of these schools and they were listed at 98% and 99% black.

You can see a complete list here. Click Here.
You can research individual schools here. Click Here.

Per student expenditure in the Recovery district is $12,900! This 29.5% higher than the Louisiana state average, and this includes dozens of schools that are 98% black or higher!

Take Jefferson Parish. It is 80% white, but by no means wealthy. Median household income is about 56% of the national average. This is a poor white parish.

HOWEVER! Jefferson Davis Parish schools receive $8,292 per student. The black students in the Recovery district are getting 55.5% more money than the poor white children in Jefferson Davis Parish.

These are the facts. The students in the Recovery District, who are overwhelmingly black, are getting 29.5% more money than the average Louisiana public school student. They are getting 55.5% more money than poor white students in Jefferson Davis Parish!

How dare WWLTV print this crap! This is tantamount to defamation against all the white people in Louisiana. If anyone should be complaining it should be the whites, whose children are getting shortchanged.

By the way, the poor white children in Jefferson Davis Parish are vastly outperforming the blacks in the Recovery District, despite getting much less money. Why? Because white people have a significantly higher average IQ. It is just that simple. WWLTV and other media outlets like it should be ashamed of themselves.